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Find a Behavioral Health Provider

Need assistance finding a therapist, psychologist or counselor for help with everything from depression and anxiety to grief and substance use. Call a Mindful Advocate to talk with someone about your provider and care options at 833-302-MIND (6463) or call the behavioral health number on your ID card.

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Not sure where to go for care?

Not Sure Where to Go?

You have a lot of choices of where to go for medical care. We'll help you sort through your options. So you do what's right for your health - and your budget

Know Where To Go

Find a Pharmacy

Many pharmacies are part of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City (Blue KC) pharmacy network. Ready to find one that’s convenient for you and your family? Log in to


Find a Dentist

Looking for a dentist in the Blue KC service area? Use our handy online finder tool to search for a provider in your network. And be sure to check our Dental Resource Center for tips, interactive tools and inspiration on living a healthy dental lifestyle.

Find a Blue Vue Vision Provider

Looking for a Blue Vue vision provider in the Blue KC service area? Use the online finder tool to search for a provider in the Blue Vue (INSIGHT NETWORK).

Find a Lactation Counselor

Here's a directory of providers and hospitals who offer advice and support for breastfeeding families.

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Locate Doctors Worldwide

When you're travelling the world, the Blues have you covered. To find doctors and hospitals outside of the U.S., visit Blue Cross Blue Shield Global Core.

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